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The Psychologist's Shadow

The Pschologist's Shadow by Laury A. Egan published by Enigma Books

Releasing 18th November 2023

Author: Laury A. Egan

Genre: Psychological, Suspense, Slow-burn

Trigger warnings: Suicide, stalking

“The Psychologist's Shadow is a 'I-read-it-in-two-days' book. Egan creates a gifted analyst and gripping case studies of her clients, one of whom is a disturbed admirer. The novel delivers chills in a highly sophisticated, wise, and ultimately poignant psychodrama.”

—Karla Linn Merrifield, author of Psyche's Scroll

In October 1992, Dr. Ellen Haskell begins a new therapy practice in Princeton after a tragic error with a former client.

Demoralized by her failure, Ellen strives to restore her emotional and professional confidence. Her parents have departed for Greece, leaving Ellen alone in their secluded country house. As her clients are introduced through their individual sessions, Ellen becomes unnerved when she receives hang-up phone calls and a series of bizarre gifts from an anonymous admirer—first at her office and then at home. As the obsessive lover increasingly invades her life, Ellen's anxiety crescendos and she begins to fear the stalker's behavior will escalate into violence.

The Psychologist's Shadow is a simmering literary suspense and a portrait of a compassionate, introspective therapist who finds herself in a dangerous struggle. As tension accumulates, the reader gains insights during sessions and through the stalker's journal entries, which serve as discordant counterpoints. Who is the shadow lover? An acquaintance, a shopkeeper, an old boyfriend, or a client?

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